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As a result of our teachers’ involvement with the Department of Education Computer Science for All effort, our 6-8 students will engage in foundational computer science concepts through teacher-directed lessons and the application of computer science, including through open-ended creative computing platforms such as Python, Scratch, Lego robotics sets, and maker education.


Three to four times per week, all students will receive Spanish language instruction that challenges them to develop vocabulary, written and verbal communication, and cultural understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures.  By the time our students graduate we expect them to have developed overall fluency in Spanish as evidenced by the results on the Spanish Proficiency Examination (SPE).

Physical Education & Health

Using the data obtained from our most recent PE Works assessment, we have designed a physical education plan so that all students in grades 6-8 benefit from physical education classes two to three times per week.  In addition to these classes, taught using the Physical Best curriculum, lessons will be taught in order to cultivate collaborative practices through an exposure to cooperative games and activities.  Additionally, 8th grade students will take a yearlong Health course. 


Each week, one period is dedicated to electives or clubs.  Students will have the opportunity to choose an elective based on their interest and share the opportunity with a group of students representing all grades.  These electives which will be led by our own teachers and the following is a sample of some opportunities:

·      Student government

·      Math Club

·      Robotics

·      Yearbook

·      Video Production

·      Chess

Our 8th graders will have the opportunity to select a second elective.  During the first part of the school year this additional period will help 8th grade students learn about and navigate the high school application process.  Their second session will involve them with one more of the established electives represented by the sample list above. 


Three times per week, students begin their day in advisory. Students are broken up into groups of about 15 students while teachers facilitate sessions to instruct them in social/emotional skills, teamwork competencies, and to plan/implement service learning projects.  During the 2017-2018 school year, each advisory section will be comprised of students representing all middle school grades. 

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