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Instructional Philosophy

Having the opportunity to serve a gifted student population, we recognize that fully understanding the needs and traits of these students is vital in the design of an effective and appropriate program that will succeed in meeting the needs of our diverse learners.   As we strive to foster, optimize, and harmonize our students’ high ability, task commitment, and creativity, Q300’s approach incorporates:

  • Acceleration: when appropriate, this practice ensures that gifted students are exposed to the type of challenging material that motivates and stimulates them while also ensuring a life long immersion in creative and productive work that is fulfilling and transformative.
  • Curriculum compacting: by effectively determining what students already know, educators can streamline the “regular” curriculum to provide gifted students with more acceleration and/or enrichment opportunities.  Additionally, students can explore interest based projects or activities.
  • Grouping: not to be confused with tracking, appropriate grouping, whether ability based or performance based allows us to match a student’s readiness with instruction.  Consequently, students benefit academically, socially, and emotionally, through this access to a very diverse peer group. 
  • Teacher training: an educator’s knowledge of the specific needs and attributes of gifted students is imperative in providing effective instruction.  At Q300, we ensure that all of our teachers are engaged in ongoing professional learning cycles that include access to professional development specifically focused on gifted education practices.

Although social-emotional components are embedded in all of the aforementioned practices, it is necessary to isolate and highlight our keen interest in cultivating community among our students, staff members, and parents.  By scheduling a morning meeting time at our elementary school and student advisory groups at the middle school, we demonstrate our commitment to student involvement with the social and emotional aspects of school and learning while also diversifying and deepening the nature of that learning. 


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