Community Building Inclusion, Inquiry, Responsibility

Building Community in the Classroom and the School

All of our teachers and staff are trained in the community building, instructional, and discipline philosophy of responsive_classroomResponsive Classroom. Schools that use Responsive Classroom report improved student achievement and student-teacher interactions. Many of our school structures are influenced by Responsive Classroom philosophy.


At the beginning of each day, middle school students meet in groups of 15-20. Students greet one another. They share stories about themselves and their families. They participate in group activities like team building, discussions, and problem solving projects. After advisory, students feel emotionally supported, a sense of agency, and are ready to engage with the day.

Lunch & Recess

During lunch and recess, non-teaching staff continue the community building work of teachers to support student interactions. During recess, staff coordinate planned physical activities where students learn to develop teamwork skills and to effectively resolve conflicts.

Service Projects

Twice annually, students work in teams to identify a community problem. These teams research the history and key elements of the problem. Teams develop solutions and present them to the community. Our students use their gifts and talents to impact the community and improve the lives of others.


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