The Arts 6 Inclusion, Inquiry, Responsibility
Summary: The year starts with developing an understanding of color through explorations with acrylic paints and other media. As students develop an understanding of how color can create moods and visual space they extend their learning to a design based view. Illustration bridges the link between painting basics and graphic design by providing a focused task and audience. Students finish the year by designing texts and examining fonts, colors and the use of graphics in daily life. Throughout the year students use visual thinking strategies and critique to work on making observations and having open dialogues around art. This year works to build a basic language around art and how it exists in daily life.
Unit 1 2 3 4
Introduction to Color Painting Abstract Painting Illustration Mixed Media Graphic Design Digital
Assignments & Tasks
  1. Color mixing exploration
  2. Monochromatic mood paintings
  3. Complementary cut-outs
  4. Wayne Theibaud tint paintings



  1. Process exploration
  2. Wassily Kandinsky abstract exploration
  3. Matisse paper cuts
  4. Abstract expressionism



  1. Children’s book pages
  2. Editorial pieces
  3. Style development project
  4. Referencing exploration
  5. Fantasy/sci-fi illustration



  1. Design a font
  2. Creating digital color schemes
  3. Clipart and logo design
  4. Integrating text and images
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