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As a result of our teachers’ involvement with the Department of Education Computer Science for All effort, our K-4 students will engage in foundational computer science concepts through teacher-directed lessons and the application of computer science, including through open-ended creative computing platforms such as Scratch, robotics and maker education.


One to two times per week, all students receive Spanish language instruction that challenges them to develop vocabulary, written and verbal communication, and cultural understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures.

Physical Education

Using the data obtained from our most recent PE Works assessment, we have designed a physical education plan so that all students in grades K-4 benefit from physical education classes twice per week.  In addition to these classes, taught using the Physical Best curriculum, classroom-teachers will supplement using the Move to Improve classroom-based physical movement program in order to maximize the health benefits for our students. 


Through our collaboration with the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, September 2017 will mark the beginning of a new approach towards our music education program.  K-2 students will be introduced to Orff based music and movement while our third grade students will begin playing the recorder. Fourth grade students will be broken up into smaller groups centered on 4-5 instruments including the flute, clarinet, trumpet, and percussion. Each of these experiences will unfold in yearlong classes.


Through our collaboration with Alvin Ailey Dance, K-2 students will have the opportunity to learn the foundations of dance and creative movement with the addition of West African dance in the second grade.


Kindergarten and first grade students will visit the Explorations room 2-4 times per week.  There, students will engage with open-ended play by using various sizes of blocks and other manipulative materials including gear sets.  In Explorations, students imagine, create, build interpersonal skills, and manage conflicts.  Teachers facilitate as they also take notes to inform the integration of their observations into their other coursework. 


Our partners at the Center for Architecture have developed and lead a 10-week architecture program for our second graders.  Students will create a scale model of a section of the school neighborhood and present their final projects to parents at the end of the program. The entire experience is interdisciplinary and includes a unique opportunity for young children to experience a public speaking opportunity.


All K-4 students will participate in a 10-week chess program that is organized by NY Chess Kids and embedded into the school day.  Students will learn the fundamentals and progress towards learning various strategies as they engage in one-on-one and other competitions.  Families interested in exposing their children to additional chess opportunities can register their children for the after-school program that takes place every Wednesday at our school (See www.NYChessKids.org). 

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