Special Subjects Inclusion, Inquiry, Responsibility







Our students learn to navigate mobile devices to type, to use applications and to safely navigate the Internet. By second grade, students utilize these devices to learn to program. Students learn programming applications such as Scratch and Alice.


In second grade, our students begin working in teams to complete engineering missions where they experience various engineering fields of study. To develop inter-disciplinary connections and common vocabulary, teachers ensure that these missions are integrated with science units.


Our students learn to speak, read, write and listen in a language other than English. During Spanish immersion lessons, teachers communicate exclusively in the target language to challenge students to make connections, to take risks, and to problem solve.

The Arts

Our students develop a vocabulary for verbalizing their observations and feelings about various arts pieces. Teachers conduct Visual Thinking Strategy lessons to guide students to support their opinions about arts pieces. To explore the artistic process, students create their own arts pieces. Our students learn songs, to sing as a class, and explore various instruments and music genres.

Physical Education

Our students develop flexibility and strength while working in small teams toward goals.

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