Educational Philosophy Inclusion, Inquiry, Responsibility

Instructional Philosophy

At The 30th Avenue School (Q300), we believe that students learn best when they feel included, have multiple opportunities to question and reflect, and work with their peers to solve problems. In order to support our students, we intentionally build classroom and school communities through morning meetings and other structures. We infuse all core subjects with numerous opportunities for students to construct understanding and to reflect upon new knowledge and skills. As students advance through grade levels, they will work with peers in partnerships and triads, eventually becoming members of larger teams with specific roles and responsibilities. With a strong sense of self, inquiry, and community membership, our students will be ready for diverse high school experiences.

science class

science class



We inquire about others' families, interests , and dreams to know others as individuals. We give others what they need to succeed academically and socially.


We ask questions, investigate, analyze to make informed decisions, share our learning, and reflect.


We are on-time, prepared and complete tasks in a timely manner. We work in effective teams to solve problems.
We use our gifts and talents to support our communities.

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