Core Subjects Inclusion, Inquiry, Responsibility

Core Subjects







Teachers set up centers in the classroom where student explore various concepts: numbers, patterns, building, problem solving, and others. To better understand students as individual learners, teachers observe and record data about students' actions, words, and work products.

Word Study

In order to effectively access books, websites, and other texts, students need strong knowledge of letter sounds, word patterns, sight words, and vocabulary. During word study, students make connections between letters and their sounds, build and de-construct words, practice rhyming, and play word games.


Our students have the opportunity to read a balance of fiction and non-fiction texts. Students read "just-right" and interest area books. During whole class lessons, students learn to use numerous strategies to problem solve and comprehend texts. In small groups, teachers implement guided reading to address each student's specific reading needs.


Our students write stories, non-fiction books, and opinion pieces. They learn to create effective writing pieces by emulating the craft of published writers. Teachers integrate social studies concepts into narrative and informational writing.


Our students construct number sense and an understanding of operations through inquiry lessons. Teachers guide students through hands-on investigations that require students to develop their own connections and to reflect on their learning.


Our students engage with scientific phenomena and concepts through hands-on investigations. During investigations, students develop key vocabulary, make connections between science concepts and use evidence to support their findings.

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