Core Subjects Inclusion, Inquiry, Responsibility

Core Subjects







Starting in September 2017, K-4 students will have their reading levels assessed throughout the school year.  These assessments will be conducted by each classroom teacher and differentiated reading groups will be organized within each child’s class so that they can be exposed to reading instruction within their zone of proximal development.  Within these smaller groups, teachers will work with students to improve accuracy, fluency, and comprehension skills.  After each cycle, teachers will re-assess students and form new groups that better match their progress.  


At Q300, we teach the writing process by using Teachers College’s writing curriculum. Students learn how to create narrative, opinion, and informational texts through the use of mentor texts. We encourage students to read their peers’ pieces and to provide constructive feedback.


Drawing upon many resources including Investigations, GoMath! and the Contexts for Learning curricula, teachers expose students to deep, conceptual knowledge of numbers, operations, and other key concepts. Students engage in discussion to better develop understanding and to challenge the ideas of their peers.

Social Studies

During the 2017-2018 academic year, all grades K-8 will use the NYC Department of Education Passport to Social Studies curriculum.  As a result, all of our students will gain a better understanding of the role that people and events have played to shape our nation and the world.  Moreover, they will be guided to make better connections between major historical ideas and their own lives while also seeing themselves as active members of the local and global community.

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